Terps in Government

UMD grads have made their mark on the political scene— at the state and national level. Here are the Terps who are strolling the corridors of power.

Tiffany Alston '99. (D), District 24 (Prince George's County)
Dalya Attar, Esq. (D), District 41 (Baltimore City)
Bonnie Cullision ’76, M.A. ’78. (D), District 19 (Montgomery County)
Debra Davis ’81. (D), District 28 (Charles County)
Eric Ebersole ’80, M.Ed. ’86. (D), District 12 (Baltimore and Howard Counties)
Pam Guzzone MPM '89
. (D), District 13 (Howard County)
Julian Ivey ’19. (D), District 47A (Prince George’s County)
Aaron Kaufman '11. (D), District 18 (Montgomery County)
Mary Lehman ’87. (D), District 21 (Prince George’s and Anne Arundel counties)
Jazz Lewis ’11, M.P.P. ’14. (D), District 24 (Prince George’s County)
Cheryl Pasteur '71
. (D), District 11A (Baltimore County)
Jen Terrasa ’92. (D), District 13 (Howard County)
Sarah S. Wolek ’01. (D), District 16 (Montgomery County)
Karen Toles ’00
. (D), District 25 (Prince George's County)
Greg Wims ’74. (D), District 39 (Montgomery County)